About Aquamax

Aquamax is an Australian Owned and operated company, specialising in gas, electric and solar hot water systems. They have a long standing history in the industry and are a highly trusted brand. Aquamax systems all have five and ten year cylinder warranties – meaning your hot water system is more reliable. Aquamax utilises the latest technology and makes hot water systems for all Australian environmental conditions and to suit your needs.

What types of hot water systems does Aquamax offer?

Aquamax offers mains pressure storage options for Gas and Electric water heaters as well as Gas Continuous Flow alternatives.

Electric Storage

Aquamax offers both gas and electric boosted solar hot water systems from 165 litres to 415 litres in size to suit your needs. They offer 2 different types of Electric water heaters. The Electric Vitreous Enamel range are made of steel and lined internally with vitreous enamel, which is essentially fired glass, for protection, and is suitable for most water quality types including hard water found in regional areas. Alternatively, you can opt for the superior performance of stainless steel in the new AquaMAX Stainless Steel Electric water heater range.

Gas Storage Units

AquaMAX Five Star Gas water heaters have options to cover most needs. From the 5 Star Stainless Steel G270SS to the Stainless Steel G340SS and G390SS. As these units are mains pressure, they can keep up with high demands. When you turn on the second, third or fourth tap, the hot water flow remains at mains pressure levels

Gas Continuous Flow

AquaMAX Continuous Flow gas water heaters offer compact, energy efficient water heating. Rather than pre-heat stored water in a tank, Continuous Flow water heaters heat the water as it flows through the unit, only when a tap is turned on and shuts down after the tap is turned off, saving on energy. Note that connection to an electric power outlet is required. Up to 6 Star Energy rated these energy efficient water heaters will keep your family in hot water.

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