About Bosch

Bosch is an established global company that provides services and technology around the world. In Australia, they have more than 1300 employees. Plumbing Detectives have experience with Bosch’ successful and advanced hot water systems, they offer the largest range of instantaneous gas hot water systems on the market as well as highly-efficient solar hot water systems, heat pumps and hydronic heating boilers. Bosch is a brand you can trust and has a solution to suit your needs.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Bosch are the inventors of continuous-flow gas hot water systems, providing high-quality, high-efficiency hot water systems for Australian homes and businesses.
Their gas hot water systems are among the most economical in the market. High efficiency ratings mean you’ll save on running costs while lowering your impact on the environment. At the same time knowing you have chosen quality something Bosch is renowned for.

Bosch Renewable Energy Hot Water Systems

Bosch are committed to developing hot water systems that save energy and help to preserve the environment for the future at the same time.
Heat pump hot water technologies use energy that is readily available around us in endless quantities. This helps to save fossil resources and also means reduced running costs for you.

Hydronic Heating Boilers

With 127 years at the top of our industry, Bosch is a world leader in hydronic heating, with 1.2 million hydronic heating boilers sold last year. Utilising heated water to distribute warmth throughout your home, hydronic heating is becoming more popular every year.

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