Blocked Sink: 3 Inexpensive Ways to Fix It

Do you have a blocked sink in your kitchen? The clogging of the sink happens from time to time. This happens especially when you frequently use the kitchen sink. It’s a huge hassle. Good news is, you can easily unclog the sink without spending too much money.

How can you accomplish that? Here are 3 inexpensive ways:

1. Use the plunger

This is the most handy and quickest solution. That’s because in most cases, using the plunger is already enough to unblock a kitchen sink.

It’s also easy to use. You put the plunger onto the sink hole and use it for the pumping motion. The goal here is to create suction and make the clog somehow move. This way, it can flow freely down the drain.

In some cases, it could only be a temporary solution. There might be a huge clog accumulating into the drain. You might need ways other than using the plunger for these cases.

2. Use mild and readily available chemicals

This is also one of the easiest and quickest ways to fix a blocked sink. However, it’s a less popular way than using the plunger. One main reason is that the use of mild chemicals still requires some preparation.

You need baking soda, vinegar and warm water for this. The purpose here is to make those substances react with the clog. The clog might become partially dissolved (and hence get smaller). This makes it move freely down the drain.

3. Hire pros

Aside from using the plunger and a few readily available chemicals, there is one more effective and straightforward way to thoroughly remove the clog. It’s by drain snaking.

It’s simple and principle. But it also requires some preparations and some skill. You will need to disassemble a few pipes and use a drain snake. It can get messy because of those steps.

A more convenient way is to hire pros to do the job. They will properly disassemble the pipes and utilise the drain snake. They will also clean up the mess if there’s any. This means fewer hassles for you and your family.

Blocked sink Sydney

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