Solar Hot Water Systems

We’re All About Servicing Your Solar Hot Water System

Sydney is becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. From Penrith to the Eastern Suburbs, more residents are opting for cleaner and more efficient ways to heat the home and running water. Solar water heating is one such way that you and other Sydney residents can help minimise the impact on the environment while remaining comfortable and energy-efficient.

How does Solar Hot Water Systems Work?

The sun has an untapped amount of energy we can use to heat homes and have hot water. By using solar panels located on the property, usually the roof, that energy is captured and directed towards the hot water system in your home or business. Through solar panels, heat from the sun is trapped and retained through the greenhouse effect, and then transferred to a liquid that is run through pipes in the home and on the property.

Solar Hot Water Systems are Good for the Environment, but…

Solar hot water systems are an excellent choice if you want to be environmentally conscious and save money on oil or electricity as it’s a completely renewable resource. However, because of the nature of the system, any heat lost means loss of energy and therefore ability to heat the home or water system efficiently. This is why you need a team of highly trained experts that can look for the signs of a system running inefficiently.

Leak detection is one of the most important ways to keep your system running efficiently. Since one of the cons of solar hot water systems is the natural process of losing some of the sun’s heat, being able to effectively capture and keep as much of the sun’s heat as possible for energy is vitally important. A leak could mean that some of that energy is escaping, which means your system has to work twice as hard to generate heat for the plumbing.

Over 15 Years of Experience keeps Sydney’s Hot Water Running

The Plumbing Detectives have over 15 years of experience in commercial and residential plumbing services in the Sydney area. Our team has set the bar high for quality customer service, knowledgeable and highly trained experts, and reliability. Whether you have a solar hot water system, gas or electric plumbing, The Plumbing Detectives will make sure your plumbing is running efficiently and safely. You can call our friendly staff 24 hours a day on 02 9708 2732 to organise for a plumber to come out to your location to fix or install your plumbing.