Instantaneous Hot Water

Everything You Need to Know About Instantaneous Hot Water

Imagine turning on your shower in the morning and receiving hot water instantly. Sounds nice doesn’t it? Instantaneous hot water is a reality you can have with a tankless water heater. But, before you buy one and call us to install your brand new hot water system, learn all about instantaneous hot water, how it works and the pros and cons.

How Does Instantaneous Hot Water Work?

It sounds like a pipe dream – expensive and out of reach. However, many Sydney residents enjoy instantaneous hot water through their tankless water heaters. When you turn on your hot water tap, the water that runs through the pipes is heated by a gas burner or electricity, delivering you a constant stream of hot water at a rate of 7.6-15.2 liters per minute.

The Pros and Cons of Having Instantaneous Hot Water

It’s a common complaint among inhabitants of multiple person households – running out of hot water. With a storage tank, you often have to wait for the tank to fill with hot water before you have hot water available. Typically, residential plumbing includes just one storage tank and it’s almost unheard of to have multiple hot water tanks for one household. However, with a tankless water heater, not only do you not have to wait for your water to heat, but you don’t have to wait for a tank to fill if the water has run out.

Although tankless water heaters seem ideal, there are some cons. Similar to having a tank, eventually the water does run out if used simultaneously for appliances that require large amounts of water. Since tankless water heaters do not produce as much hot water as a large storage tank, you could run out of hot water quickly. However, you can install multiple tankless water heaters for your home. Furthermore, you can even install the water heater to run certain appliances – for example, installing one heater for dishwashers and laundry machines and another one for showers. Tankless water heaters also tend to last longer than storage water heaters; having a typical life expectancy of more than 20 years, while storage water heaters only last half of that time.

For Smaller Households, Tankless Water Heaters are the Way to Go

If you have a small household, then a tankless water heater could be the most cost-efficient and energy-efficient way to heat your water. At Plumbing Detectives we have experts that will not only install your new hot water system, but can maintain and repair it when needed. Offering all plumbing services, Plumbing Detectives are your expert and long-lasting solution to all your plumbing problems. You can call us any time of the day or night and we will send one of our specialists to your location immediately – 02 9708 2732.