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Storm Water & Sewer Drains

Your Sydney Area Solution To Clogged Storm Water & Sewer Drains

Sydney residents know what an intense storm can do to their property, home, and roads. From heavy rainfall to strong winds, storms can go from minor to destructive quite easily. When a storm hits, it’s not just your home that’s at risk, but also your plumbing system. Heavy rainfall and strong winds can cause blockages in storm water and sewer drains, causing your system to backup into your property or home. The Plumbing Detectives understand that this type of blockage needs to be taken care of immediately, which is why we offer our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Common Signs of a Blocked Storm Water Drain

Other than the obvious massive flooding around a property, there are other signs to look out for when determining if you have a blocked storm water or sewer drain:

  • Drain grates are full of debris like leaves, sticks, and rubbish. These grates are on the ground surface, so a quick examination will show you if they’re clogged or not.
  • Water is not being drained properly, and perhaps instead coming out of your downpipes.
  • If you hear strange sounds coming from your drains, you could have a blockage. Usual strange sounds include rushing water or gurgling and can sometimes even be seen in your drain.

Unblocking Storm Water Drains

We include full and extensive plumbing services when it comes to unblocking your storm water and sewer drains. If you experience plumbing backups due to a storm, then there is more than flooding in your property that is the problem, which is why we look at everything.

  • First, we get the water out of your property. We do this by removing the blockages from the drain either through drain cleaning or drain excavation.
  • Then, we examine the pipes, drains, and plumbing for any more obstructions. Flooding and strong winds can bring a lot of debris into your pipes – from sticks and insects to trash and even dirt build-up. To look for obstructions, we use only the best technology – CCTV drain cameras.
  • Once we are sure all possible obstructions have been cleared, we look for damage to the drain and pipes. It’s necessary to get this damage repaired so as to prevent blockages in the future.

The Plumbing Detectives are Sydney’s Storm Water Drain Experts

Don’t take the chance of clearing a storm water drain yourself or hiring an unskilled professional. Our team has over 15 years of experience, which means we can guarantee your satisfaction with our plumbing services. Many of our plumbers are specialists in storm water and sewer drains. They will not only clear the affected area, but make sure there is no damage. A blocked storm water drain could lead to a costly and unsafe emergency situation. When this happens, you know you can contact the Plumbing Detectives 24 hours a day and we’ll repair it any time of day or night,