Gas BBQ Installation

Experienced Gas BBQ Installation Services

As a local Sydney area plumbing service, we know how important BBQs are to the residents and businesses of Sydney. There’s nothing like a good BBQ any night of the week. Gas BBQs result in the best food, which is why many Sydney residents and businesses choose to install one in their home or commercial building. The Plumbing Detectives have experts that will help you successfully install a gas BBQ, and get you cooking in no time.

Have the Best Outdoor Entertaining with a Gas BBQ

A gas BBQ will give you some of the best food, which means you’ll have the best outdoor entertainment for friends, family, and coworkers. It’s also a great option for commercial businesses, like restaurants and cafes, and will keep your customers coming back. It’s expensive, however, to purchase and you should protect your investment by having it installed correctly. A wrong installation cannot only be costly to you, but it could damage your BBQ, ruin your food, and even present an emergency gas situation that’s a safety and health hazard to you and other people around.

What happens with a Bad BBQ Installation?

If you or someone else installs a gas BBQ wrong, it could lead to many problems. It’s usually costly to fix as you have to reinstall it or, worse, buy a brand new gas BBQ appliance. Bad fittings or unsecure connections could lead to a gas leak. A gas leak not only affects food, but could be a serious health hazard. You need to shut down your BBQ immediately, which means your outdoor party has just come to an abrupt end. A gas leak needs to be fixed immediately, you can call the Plumbing Detectives immediately as we offer emergency service 24/7.

But you can certainly avoid this with contacting an expert gas installation service that will install your gas BBQ right the first time. Not only will we make sure that everything is hooked up correctly, but we’ll make sure there’s no chance for leaks anywhere in your gas piping.

The Plumbing Detectives can Install and Repair your BBQ

Our gas fitting professionals can not only install your new gas BBQ, but we can also convert it or repair it. All of our plumbing services are geared towards you and all your needs. We have over 15 years of experience in both residential and commercial plumbing in Sydney. The Plumbing Detectives are your reliable service for plumbing with 24 hour emergency service, we’re available any time of the day and anywhere in Sydney. Give us a call on 02 9708 2732 to get your gas BBQ up and running today.