Toilet & Cistern Installation

Sydney Area Toilet & Cistern Installation Services

Residents of Sydney might install a new toilet or cistern for various reasons. You’re remodelling your bathroom, you want to increase the efficiency of your toilet and thereby minimise waste with water and money, or you need to replace an aging appliance. In any of these scenarios, a professional plumber from a reliable company offering a wide-range of plumbing services should be the first person to call to assist you in your new toilet installation.

Reliable Services from Expert Plumbers

A lot goes into installing a new toilet and cistern. From purchasing the right fittings to making sure you have all the appropriate connections, an installation is a large project. Our expert plumbers only offer the best service with the best products and parts on the market. They will make sure your toilet is installed correctly the first time and will last.

Installing a toilet can go terribly wrong and result in costly damage if not done correctly, which is why only reliable and knowledgeable plumbers should do the installation. The wrong fittings could result in leaks. A loose fitting connection could lead to not only leaks, but the inability to efficiently flush your toilet. Furthermore, any bad installations could result in damage to not only the new toilet but the floor and surrounding appliances and plumbing. If you’ve just finished a bathroom remodel, a bad installation could cause you frustration and heartache as your work is completely undone by a leaking or damaged toilet.

Unmatched in Trained Professionals and Specialists

The Plumbing Detectives are unmatched in the Sydney area when it comes toilet installation. Not only do we have highly trained professionals that specialise in new toilet and cistern installation, but they have experience and knowledge in all other plumbing services. Our products are the best on the market, and we only use high quality tools that won’t damage your brand new appliance.

During your remodel, when you’re ready for the installation, you can call us and we’ll come to your home located anywhere in Sydney to install it for you – day or night, holiday or work day. Get that great looking bathroom, new toilet, or upgrade to the energy-saving and cost-effective toilet you’ve always wanted. Call the Plumbing Detectives today on 02 9708 2732.