Leaking Toilets

Leaking Toilet? The Plumbing Detectives Offer All Professional Plumbing Services

Ever feel like your toilet is flushing more into your bathroom than down the drain? Having constant condensation or puddles around the base of the toilet is a clear indication that you have a leaking toilet. You shouldn’t wait too long to call a local plumber as a leaking toilet can cause more than just water damage.

Indications Your Toilet is Leaking

There are many signs that your toilet is leaking. From obvious signs like water pouring into your bathroom to less than obvious signs like stains, it’s important to watch out for:

  • Brown stains: if you spot a brown stain at the back of the toilet bowl, chances are you have a leak. This leak is usually caused by the washers and ball valve located in the cistern. These parts could either need repairing or replacing.
  • Water leaking or dripping into the toilet bowl: if after you’ve flushed and the water has stopped running, but you still see water coming into the toilet from the top, then you’re toilet is leaking. This is also caused by faulty or old parts that need repairing in the cistern.
  • Water is leaking onto the floor from the cistern or outside of the toilet bowl: if you see water running down the outside of the toilet, or notice that the floor is wet around the bottom of the toilet, then the bolts in the cistern of the tank need replacing. This could also be caused by cracks or damage to the inside or outside of the toilet. If the leak is due to damage, you will need to replace the toilet.

Don’t Wait too long to Contact an Expert Plumber

Although many times a leaking toilet is not an emergency plumbing situation, it could quickly escalate if not fixed as soon as possible. Don’t wait too long to contact Plumbing Detective. You may be able to patch up a leaking toilet yourself, however you are more likely to spend more time and money if you do it wrong. There’s just too much of a risk in fixing plumbing yourself instead of calling an affordable plumber. Not only can it cause the leak to increase rapidly, but you could cause further damage to the toilet and/or pipes. Furthermore, an expert plumber is going to look for further damage caused by a leaking toilet to ensure your plumbing safely lasts.

Call The Plumbing Detectives if you have a Leaking Toilet

We offer all plumbing services, not just for toilets. Our team of highly trained professionals can not only fix leaks, but will spot weaknesses that can lead to damage – even costly and unsafe damage. The Plumbing Detectives should be your plumbing company to call – any time of day, any day of the week. Our 15 years of experience will make sure your plumbing remains safe, reliable, and long-lasting. Call us today on 02 9708 2732.