Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water

Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water Installation and Services

Sydney residents are being encouraged in various ways every day to take a greener and environmentally conscious approach to their daily living. From cutting greenhouse gas emissions to taking better care of land and water environment, Sydney residents have been rising to the top in the world-wide goal of having a better planet. In order to do so, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the comfort of your home or running water. This is why solar hot water systems are a great option for Sydney residents who want to retain the same level of comfort, and yet live environmentally conscious lives.

What is a Solar Hot Water System?

Solar hot water systems are beautifully simple, have a long-lasting life expectancy, and are durable. Using the heat of the sun is a largely untapped source of energy. Not only will it save you money, but it’s a renewable and clean energy source. Solar hot water systems use two types of collectors – flat plate collectors and evacuated tubes. Flat plate collectors use copper pipes connected to a storage tank to heat the water. Evacuated tube collectors also use a copper pipe that is connected to a slow flow circulation pump, which pumps the water into a storage tank. With this type of collector, water is heated for the entire day and can be used during the night. Furthermore, it uses a vacuum – a space between the two tubes in which air is evacuated to form a vacuum – to extract heat out of the air so that direct sunlight isn’t needed.

How Does Gas-Boosted Systems Work?

Although the sun provides unlimited amounts of energy to heat your water supply, your solar hot water system is dependent on direct sunlight. This means that if there are multiple cloudy days, getting hot water might be a problem. However, with a gas-boosted system, you can have hot water during those periods. With a gas-boosted solar hot water system, a tankless gas water heater is used in conjunction with the solar hot water system and is used only when solar power is not efficient.

The Plumbing Detectives have Experts that will Install Your Solar Hot Water System

We have plumbing professionals on staff that are specialists in this type of hot water system. Not only can they install your new system in a timely manner, but they are available any day and any time to solve your plumbing problems. Gas-Boosted solar hot water systems are not only convenient and environmentally friendly, but they are efficient and reliable. Give the Plumbing Detectives a call on 02 9708 2732 and our friendly and courteous staff will send a plumber to your location anywhere in Sydney.