Clear Drains: Say Goodbye to Clogs & Mess

How to effectively clear drains? It’s a huge hassle when the drains are clogged. It’s the same case even when the drains are just partially clogged and the water drains really slowly.

The mess is visible and it’s not really inviting to use the kitchen sink or shower drain when there’s still stagnant water around. That’s why many Sydney residents often treat it as an urgent concern.

So, how can you say goodbye to those clogs and mess without doing the heavy lifting yourself? The best way is to hire a professional for this type of job (and not ask a random neighbour to do it).

Why using the plunger is only a temporary fix?

Many people rely on the plunger whenever there’s a clog. After all, it’s a very handy tool for most of the situations.

However, this could only be a temporary solution. It’s especially the case when the clogging happens frequently. Or, even after laboriously using the plunger, the water still drains slowly (this could mean the clog is pretty solid).

In this type of problem, it’s important to use a more straightforward way. It’s by completely removing the clog using the drain snake.

Why drain snaking can lead to worse problems?

Drain snaking is a more straightforward way to remove the clog. The “snake” can go into the tight spaces and corners where it can directly reach the clog. It’s also easy to buy a plumber’s snake from the hardware store. Or, you can also improvise by unwinding a wire hanger.

However, doing it yourself might actually lead to worse problems. For instance, reckless use of drain snake might cause damage to the pipes and drain system. It could also lead to mess (especially when disassembling pipes and removing parts).

If you’re careful, you can completely remove the clog without worrying about any possible problem. But misuse and failing to observe safety precautions could lead to more problems and expenses.

Clear drains Sydney professionals

That’s why when it comes to clearing drains, many Sydney residents just now prefer to let the professionals to do the job. It’s safe and convenient.

Here at Plumbing Detectives, our expert plumbers provide affordable and upfront pricing. We always prioritise customer convenience and helping customers get the best value out of their money.

Contact us today and we’ll do the professional drain clearing.