Clogged Shower Drain: 3 Easy Ways to Fix It

Do you have a clogged shower drain? Many Sydney residents think that it’s just same with a blocked sink. However, the ways on how to unclog shower drains might be a bit different.

One main reason is that shower drains can accumulate debris and clogs that are different from those of the kitchen sink drains. For instance, hair strands are pretty common in shower drains. In addition, bath soap might contain substances that cause clogs.

Whether it’s a partial clog (water drains slowly) or the water doesn’t drain at all, you need quick and easy solutions to fix the problem. Here are ways on how to unclog your shower drain:

1. Use plunger

Even though the problem’s a bit different from the kitchen sink, the plunger can still work wonders in unclogging the shower drain. That’s because the same principle works whether it’s a sink or shower drain.

The plunger works by making the clog somehow move (thereby making it fit nicely further down the drain). This happens even if you don’t have direct access or physical contact with the clog or debris. This method works very well for clogs that aren’t pretty solid.

2. Drain snaking (improvised or using a tool)

This is a straightforward method to remove the clog. It’s called drain snaking because the tool can go through the corners and tight spaces. It can then reach the clog and hook it or push it further down.

Some people use an unwinded wire hanger as an improvised drain snake. Some buy a plumber’s snake from the hardware store. Either way, the goal here is to directly access the clog and remove it.

There are preparations needed here. You need to remove the drain cover. When you’re using a plumber’s snake, you need to wear gloves and take care. It’s for your own safety and protecting the shower drain’s surrounding area.

3. Let the pros do it

It could get messy when you do either of the two methods above. It can also get quite laborious especially if the clog is pretty solid. It can also be exhausting on the long run especially if the clogging is getting frequent.

If you want an effective and long-term solution, hiring a professional would be the best decision. Pros can use powerful tools and take care of the mess. They can leave the site clean as if nothing happened (except that the clog was completely removed now).

Clogged shower drain Sydney

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